Aaron Tveit as Roger in RENT


Just so much perfection.

Alloy's "Date, Kiss, or Dump" with Aaron Tveit

Aaron Tveit

How You Know Him: As Trip van der Bilt on Gossip Girl and as Roger, in Hollywood’s version of Rent. He played Vanessa Hudgens's love interest!
Sign: Gemini
Fun Fact: He auditioned for the role of Finn on Glee!

Okay ladies and gents, alloy.com wants to know if you’d date, kiss or dump Aaron Tveit. Go vote!

I’ve been a slacker.

I know there are a lot more pictures and videos out there of Aaron in Rent that I haven’t posted and probably haven’t even seen! If you have some you don’t see on this blog, submit them and I’ll share here!



Aaron Tveit - One Song Glory

It’s really fuzzy, just a warning. But he sounds fantastic. 


I can’t tell you how pissed I am the filmer focused solely on Skylar, BUT we can still hear Aaron and see snippets of him when they’re in the same frame!