Graceland cast season 2 promo pics (x)

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peggycrter asked:
Hello there! So I'm organizing a little meetup for Tveit fans to go to in about 2 months in NYC and I was wondering if you could maybe make a post about it? Just so it could get more publicity and make more people aware? If you could that'd be wonderful and if not, no harm no foul ya know?! Anyways the 'official' Aaron Tveit Meetup tumblr is just @ themeetup(.)tumblr(.)com (its also linked on my blog too) Thanks for your time! :)

Spreading the word! Check out the Aaron Tveit Meetup tumblr for more info if you’re interested in meeting up with some Aaron fans in NYC this summer. 

2048: 204tv8 Edition


Aaron Tveit auditioning for Glee and getting rejected by Ryan Murphy.

Somehow I think he survived.

FYAT is back!

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been gone for a while (a longer hiatus than I ever really expected to take). I’m still following Aaron’s career and will return to regularly posting ASAP! Given that it’s been a long time since my last update, I probably won’t be playing catch-up on all the events I’ve missed, but I’m sure that’s been all over Tumblr anyway. 

Thanks to all the new followers and to all the old ones who have stuck around even though this blog has been inactive! If anyone is interested in helping me run this, send me an ask, because I definitely want to keep it moving and up-to-date again!

(And as always, feel free to submit links to articles/news for me to post or your Aaron-related posts for me to reblog. Hopefully with Graceland season 2 underway there will be plenty of Aaron updates before long!)

Anonymous asked:
I'm asking as a concerned follower of your blog, not a fan wanting more Aaron posts, but is everything alright? I hope your absence isn't because of any unfortunate reasons. Be well and post soon, if even just to let everyone know if you're okay.

Hi sweet follower! Thanks for your kind message, and I suppose I should explain to everyone why I haven’t been keeping this blog up-to-date. Things have gotten a little crazy in my personal life and so this has taken a back-burner which just so happened to coincide with a very busy time for Aaron, unfortunately. I’ll be back to posting regularly as soon as I can (and playing catch up on all his events and appearances). So sorry about the unexpected (and unannounced) hiatus!


Aaron and Daniel on Talk Stoop
15th May 2013
It’s amazing how much you can get out of a couple of seconds and a tweet!