How Well Do Graceland Hotties Aaron Tveit and Daniel Sunjata Know Each Other? (x)


Yes please.


But like can you just imagine the look on his face when he saw these outfits? hahaha Priceless.


He’s just… NO! He can’t keep doing this to me. THE HAIR. THE FACE. THE EYES. THE ARMS. Even the no sock thing he’s got going on in the third picture. My heart hurts, he’s that beautiful.

Graceland cast season 2 promo pics (x)

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peggycrter asked:
Hello there! So I'm organizing a little meetup for Tveit fans to go to in about 2 months in NYC and I was wondering if you could maybe make a post about it? Just so it could get more publicity and make more people aware? If you could that'd be wonderful and if not, no harm no foul ya know?! Anyways the 'official' Aaron Tveit Meetup tumblr is just @ themeetup(.)tumblr(.)com (its also linked on my blog too) Thanks for your time! :)

Spreading the word! Check out the Aaron Tveit Meetup tumblr for more info if you’re interested in meeting up with some Aaron fans in NYC this summer. 

2048: 204tv8 Edition


Aaron Tveit auditioning for Glee and getting rejected by Ryan Murphy.

Somehow I think he survived.