5 UHQ and 2 MQ images of Aaron attending the 2013 Broadway.com Audience Choice Awards.

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Aaron Tveit Attends 2013 Broadway.com Audience Choice Awards

The song that brought down the house was Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Complete with eye rolls and finger wagging, he got in touch with his most petulant inner teenage girl to hilarious effect.


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To Aaron Tveit Fans:


If you are going to his performances at 54 Below beginning tonight, have a great time. However, since I am not going for another two weeks, I would like to be surprised by what he performs (other than the released songs). I ask you to please tag your posts regarding tonight so the surprises aren’t spoiled. Thank you. 

I’ll be tagging any post I make about tonight and out of courtesy for fans who would like to remain surprised about the setlist, I suggest anyone else going also does so!

It’s the day of the (first) show, y’all! Who will I see at 54 Below?


Aaron Tveit in GRACELAND

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Aaron Tveit on what it takes for him to let his evil side take over